Why chloroquine has high volume of distribution

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    Why chloroquine has high volume of distribution

    In rough terms, drugs with a high lipid solubility (non-polar drugs), low rates of ionization, or low plasma protein binding capabilities have higher volumes of distribution than drugs which are more polar, more highly ionized or exhibit high plasma protein binding in the body's environment. Volume of distribution may be increased by kidney failure (due to fluid retention) and liver failure (due to altered body fluid and plasma protein binding). The initial volume of distribution describes blood concentrations prior to attaining the apparent volume of distribution and uses the same formula.

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    Basic Concepts in Pharmacokinetics. Objectives 1. Define pharmacokinetics 2. Describe absorption 3. Describe distribution. Volume of Distribution V d = Apparent and hypothetical volume in which the drug is dispersed. Very high molecular weight drugs, Conversely, it may be decreased in dehydration. Acetylsalicylic acid has a low volume of distribution and is basically distributed in blood, whereas digoxin has a high volume of distribution and is distributed into intravascular space as well as fat and muscle. Hemodialysis removes only the toxins in the intravascular space. The difference between the apparent volumes of distribution of these two drugs is due to their differing lipid vs water solubilities and plasma protein vs tissue binding characteristics. Drug A has high lipid solubility and exhibits extensive tissue binding while Drug B is more water soluble, less lipid soluble, and therefore distributes into the extracellular fluid only.

    As body composition changes with age, V But this is generally not what happens. Is not a physiologic value; it is more a reflection of how a drug will distribute throughout the body depending on several physicochemical properties, e.g. The unit for Volume of Distribution is typically reported in liters.

    Why chloroquine has high volume of distribution

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  5. In contrast to quinine which has a relatively limited apparent volume of distribution approximately 2.51/kg in healthy adults and short elimination half-life 11 hours in healthy subjects, 16 hours in cerebral malaria, chloroquine has an enormous total apparent volume of distribution 100–10001/kg and a terminal elimination half-life of.

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    Sep 30, 2014 Drugs which bind selectively to Extravascular Tissues e.g. Chloroquine have Apparent volume of distribution larger than their Real volume of distribution. The Vd of such drugs is always greater than 42 liters. Volume of distribution, elimination half-life and clearance were not different for the three regimens, ranging from 250-302 l kg-1, 374-479 h and 0.44-0.58 l h-1 kg-1 respectively. After the first week of all dosage regimens, peak and trough concentrations of chloroquine were above 16 micrograms l-1, sufficiently suppressive for chloroquine-sensitive P. falciparum strains. These drugs are distributed throughout the body water in the extracellular compartment and have a relatively small Vd 12-20 L. Drugs that accumulate in organs either by active transport or by specific binding to tissue molecules have a high volume of distribution, which can exceed several times the anatomical body volume.

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